How to plan and enjoy a long family road trip

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Although planning a family road trip can be quite a difficult task, there are strategies you can put in place so that you’ll have the best trip possible.Whether road tripping with kids is something you want to do or something you have to do.Sit down with all your family members and talk about your road trip. The best way to get your kids interested and excited is to involve them in the process. You can even call it a project. Kids love projects.When kids help choose the destination, they’re more likely to be excited and helpful because they’re invested in the process.

(1) Plan it together
It’s important you choose a destination and activities that suit the weather and the interests of all family members. If your kids dislike the place you choose , it won’t be an enjoyable trip to your family. Start making plans for how many days will the trip be or What types of places will you visit: beaches, mountains, big cities, small towns? Do you want relaxation or adventure and When will the trip start?

(2)​Get a paper map
Trace your route with a highlighter and mark desired stops. Get the kids involved in doing this.

(3)Pack light

Try not to stress too much. Remember, you can certainly almost buy anything on the road. Such as Slip on / off shoes,Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes,Spare change of clothes handy for the car . Do not forget to put these next to your kids car seats before you take off on the road , such as paper towels,hand sanitizer, garbage bags and vomit bags.

(4)​ Food and Drink
Have plenty of healthy snacks and drinks on hand,such as Water , fruit juice, Nuts, popcorn, fruit, vegetables, crackers, yogurt, sandwich etc ,depending on what you kids like. Have separate containers for cold food, dry food, and spare containers / zip lock bags for leftover food, and you can also Stock a small cooler with water and snacks .

(5) ​Make a stopover to go on picture time and use the snacks time
Taking a long car trip can be tiresome. Lengthy car trips wouldn’t be complete without snack time. Besides, kids are happier when they have a satisfied stomach. Picture-taking escapades
can catch your children’s attention. To maintain their energy during long car journeys, picture-taking can be an excellent idea.

(6) Bring An Art Kit and prepare gifts

Keep in mind that kids are creative. They love to draw and make some artistic stuff, keeping them entertained all throughout your car journey. One way of making your children active is giving them gifts to unwrap throughout the travel. Mostly remember, kids love surprises.

(7)Give Them Fun Toys and play music

Remember that kids are kids. They love to play even though during car trips. That’s why packing some car-friendly toys in boxes can go a long way to keep your children busy in the back seat.Bear in mind that music is a form of entertainment for everyone. If you have a family car trip, you should make sure to play the kind of music that everyone in your family loves to listen.