How to protect your baby when being carried in a car seat?

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I still remember when I was expecting my first baby , I have received a car seat Canopy as a gift from one of my friends and I was not sure and question myself if I need this car seat canopy for my baby .I did not know at that time that the car seat canopy is a must- have and necessary one for my baby . YES! You definitely need one and it is a must- have for any loving and caring parent to protect your baby when being carried him/ her in a car seat. Would you like to carry your baby in a car seat without a car seat canopy and exposing him/her to the rain, wind, sun , germs or dust? Of course Not, but sadly , many parents do this unknowingly.

Car seat Canopies are also known as car seat protectors. They are made of fit over the tip of the infant car seat , some are designed for fall and winter months when the weather gets chilly. Others are designed more for spring and summer months.Show your baby love and affection by ensuring he/she is protected from bright light ,rain,wind, germs, dust and even stares from strangers , you should choose a suitable car seat canopy for your baby and for yourself. There are many types of car seat Canopies that you can choose from high quality with different designs, different materials and different sizes. It is made from a light and breathable materials allow free air movement, it also prevents unnecessary sweating and keep the temperature cool. Most of them , It is not only it can be used as Canopy, you can also use as nursing cover, infinity scarf, cover for shopping cart , and also makes a good gift item.