Protect your kids from sun glare and heat, by utilizing the sun shade

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​Aside from ensuring a safe car or booster seat is installed properly and instilling a car safety rules from a young age, many parents overlook another very important vehicle safety component- protecting from the sun. There are studies that prove that over half of the skin cancers in the United States are found on the left(driver’s) side of the body . The diligent parents who slather their children in sunscreen before going to the park often forget that the sunlight and UV rays can penetrate through windows and will unknowingly leave their children unprotected on long road trips.

I believe firmly in sun safety so that is why I have the best car sun shades on my site. Ensuring your vehicle is equipped with proper UV- blocking shades will not only keep the overall temperature of your vehicle comfortable during the summer months, but they’ll help protect you and your children from the damaging rays of the sun.