Teaching your children about Basic Personal Hygiene

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Parents are traditionally the first teacher of the children. Teaching your children about basic personal hygiene, firstly you must be a role model to be able to do that.If you as a parent serve a good example for your children , chances are that your children will follow the healthy lifestyle as well .

What is personal hygiene? Personal hygiene is how you care for your body. This practice includes bathing, dress clean , washing your hair, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and more. Every day, you come into contact with millions of outside germs and viruses. It’s never too early to start teaching hygiene to your children . You can wipe down your child’s hands after changing their diapers or washing hands before eating, brush their teeth and gums before bed, and get them into a daily bath routine. This helps you begin the process and slowly teaches them as they grow and take over the process. As a parent, you should teach your children all the habits they need to be able to take care of his personal hygiene independently. What are basic personal hygiene for your children ?

1. Brushing teeth: Brushing teeth after every meal, you can begin brushing your baby’s teeth and gums the moment the first tooth pops up. They can brush their own teeth by about 3 years old.( Brushing teeth including flossing before bed and tongue brushing ).

2. Bathing:You’ll be giving your baby baths regularly, but by about age 5, they should be able to handle this task on their own.

3. Dress clean : Teach them to keep their clothes in order. Let them throw any dirty garment into the washing bin.

4. Washing hands: Washing hands before mealtime, after eating, after changing a diaper, during potty training or after using the toilet.

5. Nail hygiene :You’ll clip your child’s nails when they’re a baby, but as they grow older, you can help them care for their own nails. 6. Washing hair: Most young children can get away with washing their hair two or three times per week, especially in summer. Washing your children hair regularly is one of the basic personal hygiene.